SCAM Broker with website from Blake Taylor – Forex Brokers

SCAM Broker with website from Blake Taylor – Forex Brokers

It seams that theĀ Head of Strategy Trading Blake Taylor andĀ Alan Liddington is leading the website is a SCAM company so please avoid it as much as possible!

I invested with them 9393 USD in a company called NUANCE with the indicative NUAN on Nasdaq and they make a bad investment so I lost some money on that trade.

After 2 transactions that they did without asking me from about 9000 USD they invest in KND – kindred Healtcare, Inc – CUSIP No 494580103 so they make a 25% profit to about 11571 USD (-1% commission).

Then they said to add more 41000 USD and that they will double the investment.

I said that I do have to talk with some friends to invest with them together as I didn’t have think kind of money and that I would like to have about 100% profit and they wanted to invest into a IPO called SBT – Sterling Bancorp, Inc

I consulted with my friends and they said to ask more prof of this company. I said then that I want to meet him in person in China and then mr Alan Liddington said that is NO NO NO, it is NOT possible. Then I said that I want out of the transaction and to “bail me out as he said by phone”.

Now they are saying that the account is frozen because I didn’t did that investment with them.

This is a SCAM company so please avoid it.

Now comes the funny part where they ask more money to get out of the business. So for 11100 usd they asked for 10000 usd for the “Certificate of compliance” so that they come with a new SCAM to sell to me.

I said that NO, I do not have that money so they said that the account is frozen and they maybe pay me in up to 3 months. This is crazy… all this lies that they try to sell me.

If you have any idea where to report it to authorities and what to do please advice.