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Say Goodbye to lost luggage for Good

Say Goodbye to lost luggage for Good

Most of us have experienced the dreaded carousel at the airport.  Your long flight has finally landed at its destination and you make your way to the baggage claim area.  You’re watching bags that look just like yours spin around wondering if your bag is going to be the last one off the plane, again.  You watch your fellow passengers disappear and your bag is nowhere to be found as you make your way to the airline baggage office and stand in line to file a lost claim.

While more than two million bags go astray domestically each year, over 26 million go missing from International flights.  This is especially frustrating since high baggage fees generate $3B in additional revenue for the airline industry each year.

Finally, thanks to mobile technology, your nightmare is over. With the luggage tracking mobile app from Trakdot you will be able to provide the information airlines need to quickly retrieve your misguided bag and deliver it safely back to you.

The luggage tracking device is registered on the vendor website and linked up with a mobile phone. The tracking device is then placed inside the bag where it sends location details right to the passenger. With Bluetooth technology, passengers receive proximity alerts when the luggage pops up, making luggage identification very easy at the baggage carousel.

Even in the case where luggage goes to the wrong destination, the passenger is always assured of the location and is able to monitor its return. Another nice feature is its ability to manage multiple bags with multiple mobile devices. Also, users can easily access location history of their luggage either on the app itself or on the web interface. Think of the web interface as a safeguard in the event your phone doesn’t work in your destination. There is also an option for setting notifications where the tracking device sends a location update to the app after a specified interval. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your luggage made the connecting flight. The device itself runs on AAA batteries, is very compact and is certified by the FCC and compliant with FAA regulations making it is safe for travel.

This tracking concept can be extended to other applications to enable companies to keep track of high ticket items in a retail store, warehouse, or for tracking products while in transit, for example.  Retail stores can have a custom mobile app developed with location based services that will allow them to scan their high ticket items when they arrive in the store, and then deactivate it upon purchase. If an item is stolen, email alerts can be sent and the item can be tracked in real time.

Consider tailoring an application like this to your own business needs and get it built by an AppGenius here at AppHappening.



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