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Importance of Air Medical Ambulance Transportation for Travelers

Importance of Air Medical Ambulance Transportation for Travelers

An air ambulance will transport patients from one medical facility to another, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes family would prefer their critically ill loved one to be closer to home, where they can offer support and comfort, or it may become necessary to transport a patient to a medical facility that is better equipped to deal with a particular medical emergency. When it becomes necessary to travel long distances, American Air Ambulance will provide qualified medical assistance to accompany a patient.

American Air Ambulance aircraft are equipped with the latest sophisticated equipment and competent medical teams with aero-medical training, to provide the best medical care for patients who are critically ill. There are, however, a few exceptions to the type of patients American Air Ambulance are permitted to transport. These are:
• Women in labor
• Heart patients who had surgery with 24 hours of being transported
• Patients who have unstable vital signs

When you decide to use American Air Ambulance to transport an ill patient, you can be assured that all aspects of the flight will be handled competently. The list of services include:

– A pre-flight physical examination to determine the patient’s physical condition and whether a patient is stable enough to fly safely
– Flight arrangements
– Management of ground travel arrangements to and from airports
– In-flight medical care
– Receiving and sending coordination to ensure facilities are seamlessly transitioned in care
– Post trip physical assessment and communication to receiving facility.

When the only option open to you when moving a critical ill patient is to have a full equipped, medically staffed air ambulance, American Air Ambulance will supply you with the best quality service and safely deliver the patient to the chosen destination. If you have any questions you would like answered, such as the credentials of pilots, destinations we fly to or departure times, please do not hesitate to contact us for friendly advice and caring assistance.

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