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Take a trip to lake Garda

Take a trip to lake Garda

Those planning a trip to Northern Italy should definitely look into visiting lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy and by far one of the most popular holiday location, located between Brescia and Verona, as well as Venice and Milan.

The lake’s shape was given by massive movements of ancient glaciers, this is why the southern part of the lake is wider and features hills in the surroundings while the northern part is narrower and enclosed by mountains creating a very fjord-like shape but contrasting with its looks the climate is mildly Mediterranean.

The lake’s water is intensely colored with a particular shade of blue while also being very transparent, making the place a unique spot to enjoy a great holiday filled with relaxation, sports, fun as well as the thrill of exploring the surroundings.

The region around lake Garda has its own treasure of local culinary marvels. Let’s not forget that the entire country is well-known for producing some great wines so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the region produces red, white and rose varieties of ‘vino’.

Another interesting characteristic of the region is the plethora of olive groves and lemon gardens. You’ll see olive trees being grown all around the lake but mostly concentrated in the flatter southern area.

The olive oil produced from the region is quite possibly the furthest north of all areas of olive oil production and its characteristic are a light, fruity and non-acidic taste. You can actually visit the olive oil museum located on the road between Bardolino and Lazise.

When it comes to activities that you can take part in while on a holiday in lake Garda there are any number of outdoorsy things to do from windsurfing, climbing, walking and mountain biking. Not to mention the fact that you can just sit around and enjoy the weather and the water.



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