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7 Useless things you can really do without on your trip

7 Useless things you can really do without on your trip

Last time, we established just how important planning and packing for your trip is. But if there are those who tend to forget the essentials, there are also many who are at the other extreme and tend to go overboard. For them, we have a cure: the funny reading of a list of 7 Useless things you can really do without on your trip.

  1. A hair dryer… Yes, there is need to mention this, because there actually are people who pack that. But consider this: while the care and beauty of your hair is undoubtedly important, you will probably have little time to tend to it, especially if we are talking about a 3-day trip.
  1. Lotions, a full toilet cabinet, hair products and any amount of useless bottles of products that will fill your backpack and prove totally unnecessary.
  1. More than one book – ok, avid readers, we know this can be torment for you, so we allow taking one paperback book. But for the sake of frugality, we must remember that, at least for trips, ebooks read on Kindle or the tablet are an option. Plus (hopefully) you will be doing more exciting things than reading on an ideal trip.
  1. Detergent and other products for washing clothes – warning all housewives.
  1. Cooked food is also not really an option if you are traveling long distances. For once, it will go bad; and also, we assume there is food where you are going. And while packing a sandwich for the road is a great idea, we don’t recommend stashing your soup pot in the trunk of your car!
  1. Laptops – and we prepare for disagreement from the part of workaholics – are things you should really do without during a relaxing trip.
  1. Jewelry and inappropriate clothes you are most probably not going to use during your (most of the time casual) trip.

On the other hand, we would like to remind you of a couple of essential that must never be absent from your luggage: your documents, money, car rental and airport transfer vouchers.