Quebec trip

Quebec trip

On a Quebec trip you’ll be finding a wonderful representative of the European seeds that have spawned the entire country of Canada. The city is a wonderful rebel of French chic, coated in liberal attitude and hedonistically delicious cuisine.

Quebec citizens are called Quebecers and they are a very welcoming folk, capable of having their cake and eating it too, and then washing it down with some great café au lait. As far as the city goes, it has some very inviting and colorful Victorian facades in store alongside lush rolling hills and romantic bistros, which you can only find if you set off throughout the entire province.

And keep in mind that we’ll still be in Canada so you’ll always be in the midst of nature with protected parks all around, marvelous mountain ranges and windswept coastlines abounding.

Quebec trip sights

Artillery Park

This is the spot chosen by the French for their army barracks thanks to the location’s strategic view of the plateau west of the city. As time went by and the barracks exchanged hands the place was changed into an ammunition factory which operated till 1964. Now it’s a historic site, a sort of museum, very interesting to visit.

Basilique Ste-Anne-de-Beauprequebec-trip

This church can be found in the village of Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, and is well-known for its size and its role as a shrine. The same spot has been used to build churches on since the mid-1600s but oddly enough they were quite frequently destroyed by fires. The current awe-inspiring church was built after yet another devastating blaze in 1922 and has been open since 1934.

La Citadelle

You can find this massive star-shaped fort sitting above the St. Lawrence River on Cap Diamant. The building you can see today was actually built by the British and was built to protect against the Americans and possible revolts from the local French-speaking population. Nowadays the Citadelle houses 200 members of the Royal 22e Regiment and has a reputation for being the toughest regiment in the army. The tour and changing of the guard are of course the highlights for this particular destination.