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Top restaurant views from around the globe (part 2)

Top restaurant views from around the globe (part 2)

Today we’ll be continuing our look at some of the top restaurant views from around the globe, as there are certainly more than the two we talked about earlier, and today we’ll be focusing on two places that are as different as they are unique.

strofi-restaurantStrofi – Athens, Greece

Greece is a wonderful place to visit for those interested in seeing the basis of many European dishes. The particularities of Greek gastronomy, featuring fresh aromatic herbs, wonderful extra-virgin olive oil and generous portions, will make for great return on your investment, but here we’re talking about incredible views while you’re eating, and you can rarely get better than the Strofi in Athens.

Why is this place such a special restaurant to get lunch or dinner at? Well the background is quite unique, because you have the Acropolis in the background.

By far the best place to have your food is on the roof of the restaurant, regardless of the temperature outside, but the best time would be to head there for dinner because the city cools down a bit and the Acropolis gets lit up at night, it’s a wonderful experience and quite a unique background to enjoy your food in.

The Rock – Zanzibar, Tanzania

No, this isn’t related to the Alcatraz prison, despite the name, instead it’s yet another restaurant featuring a wonderful view, this one being located on a giant rock, so the name is very descriptive actually.

The restaurant is an Italian restaurant in Tanzania, situated slightly off the island of Zanzibar on a rock jutting out of the ocean. It’s one of those places that you simply have to see and experience for yourself in order to believe it actually exists. You will surely believe it exists once you have to pay for your meal though, the location doesn’t come cheap, but it is worth it.