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Canada trip

Canada trip

canada-tripGoing on a Canada trip will have you viewing sights of a wonderful and mesmerizing variety, alternating from white-dipped mountains to mist-cloaked seascapes and very epic northern roadways. The place features an interesting mix of cultures and with a heavy load of festivals and various entertainment options behind it you might actually forget the low temperatures.

One tends to forget that Canada is the second-biggest country on the globe, possibly due to the inhospitable and the inaccessible nature that makes up most of it, but what wonderful nature it is. Canada features an array of stunning and varied landscapes, from spiky mountains and glinting glaciers to spectral rainforests and windy prairies, you can find pretty much everything here spread over six time zones.

As you might expect this is only part of what Canada has to offer in the landscape segment, it is also a good tip as to the sheer amount of activities that one can engage in here, be it summer or winter. Snowboarding, skiing and the plethora of other snow-related sports and activities are definitely a great pull to the country but keep in mind that the country has a huge coastline with the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans gracing its shores, which means that surfing is also a possibility, be it a rather cold one. Then there’s hiking, kayaking, simply walking or mountain biking.

For the foodies amongst you, make no mistake about it, you may or may have not heard of the local food smorgasboard that is Canada. You rarely hear people fawning over Canadian food like they do over Italian or French cuisine, but that only means that the distinctive seafood, piquant cheeses and off-the-vine fruits and veggies haven’t yet made it to the foodie-mainstream.

We’ll make sure to look into much more detail into what Canada has to offer its visitors, it is such a large and varied place one can’t do it justice in just one tiny article, but what we can say is that you’ll surely benefit from the use of some Canada car rental services once you are there.