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Planning your trip like a pro

Planning your trip like a pro


And the living is easy” may be the words that come to your mind after this words, as in the world-famous song. And even if it’s not exactly what we were going to speak about in this article, we still hope it will ease your life in all the aspects considering the travel. Speaking of which, let me introduce you to the main topic of our discussion: traveling, as summertime most naturally brings up the emotions of the boredom at the badly conditioned workplaces and thoughts evolving mainly around having a good rest. Whether it is somewhere on the beach of the ocean, in the depths of the forest, on the pick of the mountain: in a quiet place or the noisy and populous downtown of a European capital, rest is what we urge by mid-July if not sooner.

Well, here comes the complicated part of making choices. Destination, type of the vacancy, organization of the departure, air-tickets: even choosing the neighbor or friend you want to ask to look after your pet can be a hard choice. And of course choosing the hotel is also way not too easy. At least it wasn’t.

Our parents and grandparents complain about the limited offers available during their youth. Currently we are living through the quite opposite period: there is too much to choose from, which makes it harder to make a choice and doubt your decision once you’ve succeeded to make one. The international spider web is full with hundreds of platforms offering an access to thousands of travel related properties. Intermediary booking websites are the most popular choice at the moment. But this moment is close to an end! And this is why…

These intermediary websites are charging the hotel owners with harsh commissions per each booking. Some of the directors are therefore motivated to put higher prices on their rooms to compensate for these losses. Logically, neither the hotel owners, nor their visitors are pleased with this, but they still continue using such websites: hotel owners due to their popularity and the travelers due to their user-friendliness and time saving abilities. To put it shorter, both sides were continuing the cooperation as there was no better choice. Well guess what! There is…

And our goal is to introduce you with the innovative approach to hotel booking. Direct Hoteling, an innovative database of hotels is exactly what can quite ease your choice of accommodation while traveling. It contains all the (or at least all the important) advantages of the most famous intermediary booking websites, while offering also its own ones. The main thing is that among all kind of information this platform shares phone numbers and links to websites are included. This direct contact information helps you to avoid wasting your money on paying out the commission, as well as to get better offers through a bargaining power and get a better image of the total situation.



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