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Best rides in my vacation

Best rides in my vacation

To say that my trip to Asia changed my life could not begin to cover it all, especially my first stop: the luminous Singapore.

At the heart of this foreign, exotic continent, where tales and myths entwine with modernity, there is a haven of wonder, a blooming island – country with an outstanding market economy, amazing infrastructure, but also traditions, temples, art and beauty.

A trip to Singapore will open your eyes to the perspective of a totally new world, with a completely different way of life. It can change everything you thought you knew before, but it can also be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to navigating the winding crowded streets of this Asian New York.

As for me, I was very lucky to find FlitWays, which is a reliable company providing excellent taxis, executive cars, SUV’s and airport shuttles, all of which you can book online in advance or on the on. To be honest, I had been a bit anxious at first, travelling a woman alone not only in a foreign country, but altogether in a foreign continent, with a completely distinct culture. But again, I was very lucky to have the first people I met being the nice staff at FlitWays: I booked a taxi and a smiling face was waiting for me in arrivals at the airport of Singapore.

I arrived late at night and got to take a mini-tour of the city, alight by millions of electric little lights, watch the verve and the people and huge mythical statues of lions – the symbol of Singapore – gaze calmly and proudly on the skyscrapers, the Buddhist temples and Christian churches, the restaurants and crowded colorful marketplaces.

The drive from the airport to my hotel was the first glimpse of what was to become my wonder journey and inspired me to share the best rides in my vacation with you and to warmly suggest you to Book Airport Shuttle or Book Executive Car with FlitWays. All I can say is: visit Singapore and prepare to be amazed!