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Ontario trip

Ontario trip

ontario-tripGoing on an Ontario trip will have you visiting Canada’s centre for culture, cuisine and overall sophistication. Quebec is bigger, British Columbia has more mountains and Alberta is the economic centre for the time being, but Ontario is a great place to get acquainted with global Canada, the sexy, progressive and urbane, big-city Canada.

Most of the population of Ontario can be found in the south – within just a few hundred kilometers of the US border – because the winters are bearable and the steamy summers lure folks outside.

Toronto – Canada’s largest city – can be found here, a blazing metropolis filled with multicultural arts, entertainment and eating opportunities. Canada’s capital – Ottawa – is also changing, shifting from a steadfast political filing cabinet to a more contemporary hip place to be.

Ontario celebrates its diversity with year-round festivals with thespians being catered to at the Stratford’s Shakespeare Festial as well as the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Are you into more hedonistic activities, such as beer drinking for instance? Then you can immerse yourself in Kitchener’s Oktoberfest as well as the London Beer Festival. To be honest, a festival-free weekend in Toronto is an actual event unto itself.

In case the cities and festivals aren’t your particular brand of vodka, then not far from them you can find low-key agricultural towns and historic settlements which define the region’s country civility. For those who are hell-bent upon seeking out wildlife, there are some excellent national parks in Ontario as well, from the frigid Hudson Bay in the north to the temperate Greak Lakes to the south – you’ll find boreal forests, undulating hills and even vineyards.

Of course one cannot avoid mentioning one of the best-known tourist objectives in the region, Niagara Falls.

This has been just a very general look at the region, we might look into it in more detail in the future, but keep in mind some Canada car rental services if you’re planning to explore it on your next holiday.



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