4 Tips to Avoid Travel

4 Tips to Avoid Travel

Summer is here again, and you’re probably already in the thick of sun-soaked fun.

But before you click “share” on your next beach photo, make sure you don’t share too much. Some information can compromise your privacy, or leave you open to identity theft.

Consider these social media tips from Intel to avoid sharing too much information (TMI) on your next vacation:

1. Post pics after you get home

78% of recently jailed burglars admitted they used social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to plan burglaries around their victims’ posted vacation times.

2. When you do post, choose your pics wisely.

1 in 3 employers reject applicants based on Facebook posts, according to a survey of 2,300 hiring managers released by CareerBuilder.com.

3. Be careful on public Wi-Fi

Never shop, bank, or enter passwords or credit card numbers over public Wi-Fi or free hotspots, like in cafes or airports.

4. Turn off the GPS function on your smartphone camera

If you’re going to be sharing your images online, you don’t want people to know your exact location.

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This article “4 Tips to Avoid Travel TMI” writen by Erik Poxie.