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Top restaurant views from around the globe (part 3)

Top restaurant views from around the globe (part 3)

Today we’re going to look at more top restaurant views from around the globe, with two entries that are much more about their location, than anything else.

Sierra Mar – Big Sur, California, United States

We are talking about great views with this list and the Sierra Mar simply has to be on it, even though it’s not exactly the place to go for the biggest bang for your buck as far as the size of the portions goes.

The restaurant is set high atop cliffs overlooking the breathtaking coastline, a great place from which you should plan to see the sunset.

The glass floors and ceilings will make the experience that much more interesting and might just make up for the not-so-seriously portioned dishes but rather hefty prices. On the other hand this is the type of place you go to for the view and a special and unique culinary experience, you won’t find very many classics on the menu here, and even if there are any, they’re done with a particular twist.

One great idea for those on a bit of a budget, or who simply aren’t interested in the experimental nature of the dishes would be to hang out at the bar, have a couple of drinks and look at the sunset, it will be considerably cheaper.

ithaa-02Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel, the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant allows you to dine at five metres below sea level and marvel at basically 360 degree views of the reef and marine life around you. This restaurant is basically a reverse aquarium, a glass bubble of air under the sea, it is the only undersea restaurant in the world.

This is yet another one of those places where you go exclusively for the view, and what a view it is, not to say that the food is bad or lack-luster, far from it, just that it is quite luxurious and high end. Also the restaurant can only seat twelve and you have to make reservations in advance, 14 days in advance actually.



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