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The Old Cheese Factory – 5 star holiday cottages UK

The Old Cheese Factory – 5 star holiday cottages UK

When you’re planning a trip into the British countryside and you’re looking for some 5 Star Holiday Cottages UK, there are fewer better choices to be made than The Old Cheese Factory.

Those interested in getting a solid experience of the Midlands will love having a place to use as a base of operations for exploring the region.

The cottage is located at the edge of the Peak District and just 2 miles away from the Village of Duffield, 12 miles from the M1 and the Derby trains station is 8 miles away, making the average journey time from London to last just about an hour and a half.

Those who fly straight into the region, the East Midlands Airport is only forty minutes away by car and other airports are Birmingham Airport one hour’s drive and Manchester is one and a half hours drive.

Why is it called The Old Cheese Factory? Well pretty obviously it used to be an old cheese factory, starting its life as a malt house dating back to the seventeenth century. The building then became home to the first cheese factory co-operative in Derbyshire when it started manufacturing cheese in 1873.

The entire property hasn’t been occupied since 1945 and when renovating it, every effort was made to retain as much of the original features – such as the oak beams and lime ash floors – as possible.

All the room interiors have been redesigned using the skills of leading lighting designers and the furnishings represent the highest grade of interior design skills. As for the outside, there is a large and exclusively private garden with more than adequate parking for up to six cars.

As we mentioned earlier, during the renovation process as many of the original features as possible were retained, such as the ash floor, oak beams and various other items which relate back to its history. All of this was done while also making sure that the renovation considers the environmental impact to the surrounding wildlife in this beautiful area.



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