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Getting more life out of your batteries while on a trip (part 1)

Getting more life out of your batteries while on a trip (part 1)

We do our best to give you useful tips in regards to places and destinations to go see and experience for yourself, as well as various travel tips but we haven’t yet breached the subject of taking gadgets and electronics in genera with you on trips. That is a subject that we’ll start discussing starting today with a couple of ideas on getting more life out of your batteries while on a trip.

Portable battery chargers

Portable chargers are smaller than a deck of cards and can offer your gadget some extra hours of power, and some of them are actually solar powered. So depending on where and when you’re going, you could actually power up your gadgets without using your car’s engine, a generator or electricity. You should also keep your wall charger in your bag so that you can recharge if you’re stopping over at a restaurant or coffee place.

Saving your phone or gaming device’s battery

Depending on the type of traveling that you’re doing, there might be long period in which you’ll be sitting in a train or airplane with very little to do, and while reading an e-book or an actual paper book is always an option, it won’t be as simple for kids. Most modern smartphones, tablets and gaming devices are huge battery hogs, mostly because of their displays and internet connection, but when travelling there are a couple of things that you can do to enhance battery life.

Turning the screen to its dimmest possible setting will save you a lot of energy, depending on the light brightness of where you’re going, try to keep it as dim as possible while also seeing what’s happening on the screen.

Turning off the GPS and wi-fi will make substantial savings to your battery life because these tend to stay on even when not actively using them. Turning off data use altogether will increase battery life even more-so.

These are just a very few tips on getting more life out of your batteries, rest assured we’ll talk about the subject in the future as well, till then don’t forget to consider some worldwide car rental services for when you will be traveling.



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