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Mediterranean Holidays in Malta

Mediterranean Holidays in Malta

Malta, an archipelago of several tiny but gorgeous Mediterranean islands, is an eclectic mix of ancient and modern traditions with distinctive charm. Malta and the nearby islands of Gozo and Comino feature warm sunshine, a rich history and a rewarding lifestyle. Whether travelling solo or in a group, a memorable Maltese vacation awaits.

Springtime temperatures average 24°C (75°F) in the daytime and 12°C (54°F) at night. Average rainfall reaches 40mm (1.5in), but quickly drops to just 10mm (0.4in). Despite the occasional cloudy day, most days feature ample sunshine.

Summer temperatures average 33°C (91°F) in the daytime and 20°C (68°F) at night. Average rainfall is just 5mm (0.2in). Near the end of summer, southerly winds gradually increase humidity.

Autumn temperatures average 27°C (81°F) in the daytime and 17°C (63°F) at night. Late September brings the first rains, and precipitation gradually rises from 70-110mm (2.75-4.3in) by November.

Winter temperatures average 18°C (64°F) in the daytime and 8°C (46°F) at night. December rainfall measures 110mm (4.3in), steadily falling to 60mm (2.4in) by February. Cloudy skies are more frequent, but sunny days are still plentiful.

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Things to do
The main island is awash in rich landmarks such as the Hagar Qim temples, Mdina and Valletta. Gozo also features several ancient temples and churches around the island. Away from the cities, natural features are endless. Many tourists travel to Mellieha Bay or Golden Bay on the north west coast of Malta for the superb beaches. For a quieter setting, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay is an excellent alternative. Hiking is an outstanding experience since Gozo and Comino are predominantly rural. Look to the coastal towns of Sliema and St Julian’s on Malta for an active and entertaining night-life.

Vacation costs
Costs are higher around the resort towns, so off-season travel gives the best value for the money. Expect to pay anywhere from €45-133 ($60-179) per night in the off season to €130-193 ($175-260) in full summer. Accommodations range from luxurious resort and other starred hotels to guest houses, hostels and B&Bs. Camping is also widely available.

Other considerations
For many travellers, the ideal time to visit Malta is in full summer. However, warm weather is still available in late spring/early summer as well as late summer/early autumn. The country appeals to families as a result of its child-friendly areas and welcoming atmosphere. Featuring a relatively low crime rate, Malta is also ideal for solo travellers. Activities across the country cater to all ages and levels of mobility. With such diverse beauty to discover, why not explore it today?



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