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Montreal trip

Montreal trip

While we’ve talked about several Canada destinations on our blog we haven’t really talked about what it would be like to go on a Montreal trip, so that’s exactly what we’ll do today.

Montreal is a polifaceted destination offering lots of very different attractions and activities to those who visit. This is due mostly to its multi-cultural background but also to how Canadians typically are, very calm and pleasant people.

We’ll start with one of the things that has set the city apart lately, namely its culinary culture which has made it one of themost famous food scenes in all North America. The city is filled with eating establishments focused on anything from Kamouraska lamb and Arctic char to the very obvious poutine. You don’t know what poutine is? Well let us enlighten you, poutine reffers to fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy, tastes of heaven, and it might actually take you there if you eat those on a daily basis.

Then there’s the festival scene which is absolutely the best in the entire country. Montreal has somewhere around 250 theatres and dance companies, over 90 festivals crowd its calendar and you can find a fascinating mix of neighborhoods populated by all sorts of artists, writers and musicians.

Probably the most notable festival is The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, so make sure you schedule your trip around an event you’d want to see.

Then there’s also the fact that Montreal is a city o great architectural design, a slice of Europe in North America. Simply strolling down the street of Old Montreal can take you from 18th century facades to heritage churches and modern glass and steel buildings.

Those planning to visit the city during the winter should be aware that Montreal gets some really long and cold winters however the natives have learned to make the best of them by cheering on local hockey teams as well as enjoying the many fine nearby resorts.

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