Great destinations for horror movie fans (part 2)

Great destinations for horror movie fans (part 2)

Today we’re continuing our look into the dark and spooky subject of destinations for horror movie fans and just as in the past article, we’ll find that reality – at least in this case – isn’t as strange as the fiction, though it is influenced by the latter.

Venice – Italy

What could be scary about this incredibly popular destination? Well there is that very influential shocker which sees a grieving couple glimpse the ghost of their drowned daughter in the off-season mist-shrouded labyrinth of La Serenissima.

Going to Viena in winter can be a bit of a specific type of destination, only for those who are used to cold water and wind, but it will be considerably cheaper, so that’s a bonus.

On the other hand, those on a more generous budget might want to check out either the Hotel Gabrielli or the Bauer il Pallazo, both of which doubled as the exterior and interior of the fictional hotel in of the film.


This is indeed a bit of a stretch because it’s pretty much the definition of an extreme destination and only an incredibly extreme fan would even fathom to travel to the setting of John Carpenter’s “The Thing”.

Considering the fact that we’re talking about the most inhospitable place on the planet, it’s quite an expensive place to visit and one’s options are quite limited. Usually people come here on a cruise, most of these starting in Ushuaia, Argentina.

You can also look for tours that include visit to scientific research stations so as to get a better sense of the setting of the movie. Granted in this scenario you won’t be stalked by an unknown alien shapeshifter and you won’t get the same sense of terror and paranoia which the soundtrack helps with, but the place is eerily quiet. Flametrowing lessons are not included in any of the tours.

Except for Antarctica – obviously – keep some worldwide car rental services in mind when visiting any of these great destinations for horror movie fans.