Destinations for the month of March (part 2)

Destinations for the month of March  (part 2)

The month of March is one week closer now and only a few days away so it’s about time time to look at some more destinations for the month of March.

Chichen Itza – Mexico

There are obviously quieter and more secluded ancient sites in Mexico, but for one of the most dramatic settings and examples of ancient architectural splendour you might want to make it to Chichen Itza during the spring equinox – 20-21 March – to witness a spectacular illusion.

The Pyramid of Kukulcan – also known as El Castillo – is the centrepiece of this seasonal show: in the morning and afternoon during the equinox, the sun’s light produces the illusion of a snake sliding up and down the building’s staircase – the idea is that it represents the Mayan snake god, Kukulcan.

Rest assured that you won’t be alone here for the event, but you should know that you can view the effect for a week either side of the equinox in almost the same amount of glory. During the rest of the year there’s a man-made version of the effect taking place via a sound-and-light show spectacle each night.

Dublin – Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Day has become something of an international holiday of Irish culture and celebrations can be found in many major cities around the world where there is a large enough Irish community. However, nothing can compare to the tin whistles and traditional songs which make the biggest St. Patrick’s Day party ever, in Dublin.

Between the days of 14-17 March you can see the city centre lit bright green each night and before and after that happens you can take in the live music, food markets, boat races, walking tours, fun fairs and parades, an those are just parts of the all-around official entertainment.

One of the highlights is the Festival Ceili which takes place on the 14th of March and is a mass open-air Irish dancing session held on St. Stephen’s Green. Then there’s the parade on 17 March which has to be witnessed as well.

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