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Must-see landscapes of the natural world (part 3)

Must-see landscapes of the natural world (part 3)

We still have a bunch of must-see landscapes of the natural world to look at and consider for a future holiday, so let’s get going.

Northeast Greenland National Park – Greenland

Considering the very eco-conscious era that we’re living in, or at least some of us are, and the looming threat of melting icecaps, Greenland’s national park is one of the places where you can still get to see an actual glacier.

This is the biggest national park in the world – it actually measures about twice the size of France – and is some of the most unspoilt land that you’ll get to see in your life. You can actually see polar bears and walruses between the crystalline icebergs but keep in mind that this is quite an extreme destination. Most visitors are generally surveying scientist and extreme adventurers, but some tours are available.

Access can be gained by plane or helicopter but a permit is required, and of course you could head to the tiny town of Ittoqqortoormiit which acts as the gateway for the park, and try your luck from there.

Iguazu Falls National Park – Argentina/BrazilIguazu-Falls

The Iguazu Falls National Park is something of a photographer’s dream thanks to it being set on a fault line near the junction of the Parana and Iguazu Rivers. This fault is responsible for the abrupt shift in the depth of the rivers, causing the water to careen over the cliff in rather dramatic and very picturesque fashion. Obviously the park has a bunch more things to offer than the famous waterfalls, it is set in a subtropical forest after all, home to over 450 species of birds and rare butterflies.

You can get here from Buenos Aires after an hour and a half plane flight, but it is also accessible by train, bus and even boat.