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Gibraltar trip

Gibraltar trip

We tend to talk a lot about European trip destinations on our blog, and while we’ve talked about many places, there are many more to talk about and today we’ll be talking about a Gibraltar trip, a place we haven’t yet visited on our blog.

Gibraltar can be a bit of a confusing destination because you’ll get to see red pillar boxes, fish-and-chips shops, bobbies on patrol, you’ll basically find a bit of Britain in the Mediterranean, because Gibraltar was a British colony.

‘The Rock’ as it has been known for many centuries, Gibraltar tends to overstate its underlying Britishness a bit, and this can either prove to be a bonus for some while confusing for others.

The main sight is the Rock itself, a massive limestone ridge that rises to 426m, with its sheer cliffs on its northern and eastern sides.

This is a part of European mythology, the ancient Greeks and Romans considered it to be one of the two Pillars of Hercules, the other one being Jebel Musa in Morocco – the two being split during Hercules’ Twelve Labours. The two rocks marked the edge of the ancient world and Gibraltar’s location has attracted the attention of many military strategists ever since civilization existed because it is highly defensible.

It’s a very interesting place to visit, thanks to its current Spanish culture but rich history of British colonialism make for an interesting mix of tapas bars and Palladian architecture.

One great thing about this destination is that it packs in a lot of interesting things in just seven miles of property. Also just like it is with many other destinations in the overall Mediterranean region, it blends history with modern attractions, so there’s surely something for everyone.

We need to mention the tax free shopping in Gibraltar so this might be an attraction in and of itself.