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Holiday destinations for fitness enthusiasts (part 1)

Holiday destinations for fitness enthusiasts (part 1)

The general consensus tends to be that everyone puts on some weight during one’s vacation, because you’re just eating, sleeping and relaxing for many days, but what happens if you’re interested in not gaining any weight but on the contrary, you want to actually either maintain or increase your fitness level during your holiday? Well that’s where you can look at our list of holiday destinations for fitness enthusiasts which we’ll start looking at today.

Follow the Tour de France – France

Cycling enthusiasts will surely want to take part in the Tour de France in some small measure, or even a larger one. You can actually ride the Tour de France as well, because there are several companies that offer group cycling tours for parts of the competition route. You can train your leg muscles while enjoying the wonderful landscape of Provence and the chilly peaks of the Pyrenees. This one is for those of you who already have a rather high level of fitness – especially endurance and are used to cycling. Basically if you can do a couple 30 kilometer rides a week, you should be able to engage with these special tours.

Fatpacking – many places

The first destination is for those who already have an above-average level of fitness, how about for those of us who want to get fitter during their holiday?

While the name isn’t that alluring it refers to weight-loss oriented guided backpacking trips meant for people who are anywhere between 7kg to 34kg overweight.

These tend to be one- to two-week wilderness hikes meant to help with weight loss – ideally you’ll lose some fat and gain some muscle mass. Not to mention the fact that exercising will simply make you feel better.

We’ll continue our look at these types of places in the following days, but keep in mind that car rental services can still come in handy when getting from one place to another while even on such a fitness holiday.