Travel destinations for May (part 2)

Travel destinations for May (part 2)

The month of May is even closer so there’s no time like the present to continue looking at travel destinations for May.

Crete – Greece

The island of Crete is something like a highlights reel of Greece and visiting during the month of May will pretty much ensure a lot of sunshine but without the glut of summertime tourists.

One of the particular places that you need to see is Preveli beach, a truly stunning spot set in a very hard to find lagoon. You may also want to tackle the steep climb up to the cliffs to the serene Preveli Monastery in order to get the best views.

In case you’re interested in experiencing some time travel you should head for Knossos – the ancient capital of Minoan Crete – and then go to the Iraklio Archaeological Museum for some more insight into Minoan life.

Hey-on-Wye – Wales

This is a destination described by former US President Bill Clinton as ‘the Woodstock of the mind’ thanks to the Hay Festival which is held in late May each year.

The even is the country’s largest literarry knees-up and features readings, workshops, debades as well as events for kids and live music.

In case reading isn’t enough then you can head over to the nearby mountain for some great biking and hiking trails.

Lumbini – Nepal

Siddhartha Guatama’s – the historical Buddha – exact dates are still rather disputed, however most Buddhist countries have agreed on an official date to celebrate the holy man’s birthday. The celebration falls on the full moon in the lunar month of Vaishakha, which coresponds to April or May in the Gregorian calendar.

Vientiane – Laos

While Vientiane might be sweltering during the month of May, however this brings with it affordable rooms and no need to hurry while enjoying a rocket festival that will dazzle your senses.

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