Five Apps for Getting Cheap Airfare

Five Apps for Getting Cheap Airfare

Traveling from one place to another demands a lot of expenses, however when you are guided with the right application on your iPhone you are assured of saving on your airfare budget. Finding the best deals for place tickets can somehow be deceiving. Some airline companies recommend freebies and other perks not knowing that there will be more payments in the end. This is such a trick and you if you are not wise enough to analyze what you are paying for, you are certainly putting your money on the wrong shelf.

There are many apps that can be utilized in finding the best fare deals some of these are:


Kayak mobile is branded as one of the most favorite apps for travelers and tourists. This app provides comprehensive information of all major airlines. Kayak app allows you to sort travel details according to time, airlines, price and stops. You will certainly appreciate what this app has to offer. Kayak is recommended to frequent travelers. The only thing to note about this app is that, it is applicable to Southwest Airlines.

2. Bravofly Flights

Bravofly flights allow the user to explore on various low cost flights of up to 300 different airline companies. In here, prices and flight details are given information for comparison. One advantage of this app is that it provides details and information about Southwest airline flights. It is important that this Bravo Flights uses Pounds as currency therefore the app is more applicable to residents from the United Kingdom. The only drawback in this app is that it takes longer in time to process as compared to other airline provider apps.

3. When-to-Fly

When-to-Fly App is flight app offered by FareCompare which is applicable on iPhone. The best thing about this app is that it instantly provides information on the airfare price drops of major tourist destinations. It also provides details and information about fares from your location and other cities around the world. You can even share these great deals to your friends easily. Knowing fare alerts is a great advantage because you can get plan a trip at an instant and at the same time be able to pay for low cost flight fares.

4. BookMe

The BookMe App is more of a website interface. There is an initial search application which allows you to get some information about flights and fares. Upon using the initial search, a number of websites where you can get cheap fares will appear on your screen such as the following: Expedia, SmartFares, LowCostAirFares and CheapTickets.

5. Smartphone Air Travel Apps

The Smartphone Air Travel Apps provides all the details about travel which you can use when making comparison with other companies. This allows you to search for the best low cost flights and places to visit upon landing on your destined place. All important information shall be given to your such as airfare costing, currencies, time and even significant places and coffee shops upon entering the country of destination.

The article is written by Ben Davis: