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The full guide to entertainment in Singapore

The full guide to entertainment in Singapore

Breathtaking idyllic scenery and giant commercial hub, a cluster of cultures and an eclectic society that entwines the traditional with the modern, Singapore is a wonder that is well worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. The full guide to entertainment in Singapore can be easier to find than you might imagine. Let’s find out how you can make your stay (or even your everyday life) in Singapore amazingly entertaining with a few simple clicks.

singapore-appApart from the cultural life, the museums, the scenery and the altogether cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Republic of Singapore, what makes it a wonderful place to be is its lively city life. Happy Hour Singapore App is a very useful tool for everybody who wants a quick tour of the best restaurants, bars breweries and pubs in the area. Simply requiring Android and compatible with all devices, this free app will help you find the best happy hour deals available throughout Singapore by offering you information on over 500 bars, pubs and such places of leisure in the country. The app also offers a unique and very useful map view of all the spots.

If you have been thinking about doing a grand tour of Asia, don’t hesitate and start your amazing voyage in Singapore, a place of light, tradition, old, new and endless entertainment.

Enjoy a sweet beer at one of the best breweries in town or sip a non-alcoholic drink at a cocktail bar overlooking the city center. General information, photos and directions are all available and only a click (or tap) away!

A couple of words you should link to Singapore from now on: Happy Hour Singapore. Tour this beautiful rich port and unravel all the mysteries of this country of modern-day success story while enjoying the true flavor of Singapore.