Destinations and their iconic beverages (part 2)

Destinations and their iconic beverages (part 2)

Time to take a gander at the representative drinks in various places around the world by continuing our list of destinations and their iconic beverages.

The Czech Republic – Absinthe

The original bohemian drink, absinth garnered almost a mythical reputation around its one-time ban in certain places and penchant for inducing all manner of visions or halucinations in its drinkers. Having gotten the name of the ‘Green Fairy’ for its opium-like effects, it has been said to be the catalyst behind many artists such as Van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde.

The fascinating part when it comes to drinking absinthe is in the ritual required to prepare it, it required slowly dripping the liquid through a sugar cube placed on a spoon – ideally with holes in it – which is placed over the glass.

Some will also burn the sugar in a normal spoon of absinthe and leave it there to burn and then add it to the rest of their glass.

France – Burgundy wine

The qualities of Burgundy wines are characterized by particular qualities which can only be attributed to the region’s 400 soil types. Drinking wine here is an incredible experience, with white Burgundy being a chardonnay but with a bit more depth and delicacy courtesy of the limestone soil, while red Burgundy is a very gutsy pinot noir.

In order for a winde to be qualified as a ‘Burgundy’, it has to be produced within the AOC – Appelation d’Origine Controlee – recognized religion in the Cote d’Or.

As an interesting note, the vineyards were originally totally owned by the Church but were divided up amongst workers after the Napoleonic Inheritance Laws.

Brazil – Caipiroska

The sunny beaches of Brazil have to be experienced alongside a simple and three-step cocktail made of vodka, limes and sugar. In a short glass, you muddle fresh limes with two teaspoons of sugar, add a bunch of crushed ice and pour in a solid quality vodka.