10 anniversaries to keep track of in 2014 (part 2)

10 anniversaries to keep track of in 2014 (part 2)

Today we’re continuing our look at the anniversaries to keep track of in 2014 and we’re starting today’s article with Germany.

25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall – Germany

Berlin is definitely one of Europe’s hughlights, partly due to its long history, parly due to its relatively recent history and all of it due to its role in all of that history.

This year sees the quarter of a century anniversary of the event that brought upon massive political change, first within Europe and then even further into what used to be Soviet Russia. This is a great opportunity to visit the capital but it might also work as a great excuse to check out some of the other cities located across what used to be East Germany such as Leipzig and Dresden.

20 years of the Channel Tunnel – England and France

Staying in Europe we’re spanning the watery distance between the mainland and the United Kingdom

It’s already been two decades since people have more or less forgotten the days of day-long train-boat-train rides between London and Paris.

The opening of the Eurostar services has allowed for Paris, Brussels, Lille and London to be connected as they were never before. Keep in mind that these are located in different parts of the English Channel, in different countries.

This is the time to celebrate an engineering feat like none other before it and take a quick trip between the two countries.

The Panama Canal turns 100 – Panama

Since we were talking earlier about engineering feats, well we have to talk about one of the greatest such achievements in recent history, namely the Panama Canal. While not meant to be a tourist attraction, thanks to its long history and impact on world trade, it has become one; the fact that it’s a massive work of engineering helps with that as well.