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Destinations for iconic food (part 1)

Destinations for iconic food (part 1)

Food is one thing that defines cultures and countries in a very physical and palpable way. Most cultures and countries are proud of their culinary heritage and some of these have gotten so well-known that they become iconic for the place that created them, usually taking the place’s name.

Of course everything tastes better at the source and if you happen to be a serious global foodie, then you’ll surely want to visit at least some of the places that we’ll be talking about.

Buffalo Wings – Buffalo, New York

It is not well-known how or why Teressa Bellissimo created this favorite dish of football matches. These deep-fried wings should only be had smothered in hot and spicy, buttery sauce, not great for your health but considering most consumers are most likely already drunk because their team either lost or won, it doesn’t really matter.

Peking Duck – Beijing, China

The first restaurant to offer peking Duck was opened in 1416 and called Bianyifang, it still exists and still offers amazing duck. The legendary crispiness of the duck skin requires a process that lasts for days and it involves a bicycle pump. The largest duck restaurant in Beijing is called Quanjude and you shouldn’t only visit here for the duck, but also for the fact that it is seven stories high, that’s right, seven stories of duck dishes.

Yorkshire Pudding – Yorkshire, England

The history of this dish comes from long ago and it was meant as a cheap way of making the Sunday roast last longer. Interestingly enough, back in 2008 it was dictated by the Royal Society of Chemistry that in order for a pudding to be a Yorkshire Pudding, it has to be at least 10cm tall. The less bookish of pudding enthusiasts will say that you’re not having a real Yorkshire Pudding unless it is being served by a person in Yorkshire possessing the particular temperament of the area.

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