Destinations for iconic food (part 2)

Destinations for iconic food (part 2)

You feeling a bit peckish? Let’s conclude our look at some destinations for iconic food and maybe you’ll get an idea of where to deal with your hunger.

Salad Nicoise – Nice, France

The Nice section of the Mediterranean coast is world-renown for its seafood, and the ideal Nicoise salad has to be made with the local catch and a view of the sea. The Internet is filled with all sorts of foodies who argue back and forth about what the ingredient for a ‘true’ Salad Nicoise are, there isn’t a general consensus obviously, but there’s no consensus in the ‘real world’ either. Most people agree that it has to include anchovy, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and black olives and also all the ingredients must be doused in good local olive oil.

Nanaimo Bars – Vancouver, Canada

The Nanaimo Bars are a triple-decker treat found in British Columbia, involving a layer of chocolate biscuit and coconut, a layer of vanilla- or custard-flavored butter icing and a very thick layer of chocolate. The recipe was originally created sometime in the 1950s and several ladies claim to be the first one to have made them, but that matters little now. What matters is the great taste and the atmosphere one enjoys sitting in one of Nanaimo’s Commercial Street café’s and indulging in these treats.

Mole Poblano – Puebla (Poblano), Mexico

When we say ‘mole’ we’re not talking about the underground dwelling rodent, we’re talking about a rich and dark sauce that typically involves at least twenty ingredients and which is usually served over turkey. Legend has it that the sauce originated at the Convent of Santa Rosa, where the poor nuns had to feed the Archbishop and were inspired by an angel to mix together various chillis, day-old bread, nuts and chocolate and let it simmer for hours, and the Archbishop loved it.

Singapore chilli crab – Singapore

This is heaven for those who love hot steamy Singapore-based food. Singapore is a very true Asian melting pot that brought in and perfected many of the popular dishes of the region. Despite this, Singapore does have one ‘proprietary’ dish to call its own, and that dish is the Singapore chilli crab, created in 1950 by the owners of the Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant.

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