Holidays in Malaysia

Holidays in Malaysia

Malaysia is known to be a place that offers travellers a chance to experience many different things. High season is experienced at different times of the year on both sides of the Malay Peninsula giving people a chance to experience the country in temperatures that suits them. The West Coast has the best of the weather between the months of November and March with the East Coast having the best weather between May and September

There are a number of different holidays available ranging from relaxing beach holidays to holidays situated in the lush lands of the highlands. With its fresh air and relaxing lifestyle it is the place to go to absorb the culture and the way of life.

Every traveller wants something different and luxury holidays to Malaysia has something for everyone and the resorts on offer will really appeal to all tastes.

The Hotel Majestic is located in the historical quarter within Kuala Lumpur and the location of it is within close proximity of the National Museum, Mosques, Art Museums and Gardens with lakes. It really does cover all bases and for those who like the hustle and bustle there are buses that give access to the Bukit Bintang district.

If beach holidays are the requirement then Berjaya Langkawi is one of the Jewels in the crown and is situated on a large private plot that is surrounded by lush trees and a private beach. This resort is great for families who want fun but want high quality accommodation. The resort offers a number of restaurants and a Spa making it easy to unwind and totally switch off from the usual hectic lifestyles.

The Gaya Island resort Malaysia is situated within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and is a natural marine conservation area. The resort is burrowed into the hillside and surrounded by rainforest which is encompassed by a stunning golden beach that consists of coral reefs and a view of Mount Kinabalu in the distance.

There are many things to see and do in Malaysia, culturally rich and brimming with vibrant life and colours it never fails to impress.

Thean Hou Temple is a stunning ornate, multilayered temple that is regarded as one of the most impressive in the country. At the top deck of the temple there are spectacular views and at the base there are restaurants and shops so suit all tastes and requirements.

To see the Malaysian way of life take a trip to Sibu Central Market. This is the largest fruit and Veg Market in Malaysia. Take a look at the local specialities such as Kam Pua Mee and Kompia. Take in the smells and colourful items on display

For those travellers that like their food then Ana Ikan Bakar Petai can offer authentic cuisine at its open air seafood restaurant on the island of Tanjong Lumpur. Busy with locals, which is always a good sign, traditional Malay seafood dishes are on offer. Fresh fish, crab and shrimp are the order of the day and cooked to your liking along with traditional Malaysian rice and noodle dishes.

Malaysia is a vast country with plenty on offer and is a haven for all kinds of travellers.