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6 reasons to visit Liverpool this year

6 reasons to visit Liverpool this year

Liverpool is the third largest city in England and its major seaport. Probably, it wouldn’t be so popular if not legendary The Beatles that started their musical career in small clubs in Liverpool.  Nowadays, the city has about thirty museums including one dedicated to the fabulous four.
Liverpool is often held different exhibitions and festivals. The city is rightfully considered the center of cultural life of the country and in 2008; it even got a status of European Capital of Culture.

Are you hesitating whether it’s worth to visit Liverpool this year or not? Just check out the list below to make a right decision.
So visit Liverpool in order to…
…open the beauty of the flowers
Southport Flower Show is the largest flower show in the UK that is held each year for only for days in the end of August.  In fact, Southport Flower one of the largest events in the UK that annually gathers approximately 100 thousand visitors. Traditional venue of the festival is Victoria Park located in about 20 miles from Liverpool. This year the theme of the show is China and the event promise to be very fascinating! Only imagine that – the most beautiful floral arrangements made from more than a million flowers by both professional gardeners and amateurs who just love flowers and are ready to share their experience.

… touch the legend
For all music lovers, Liverpool will always remain the birthplace of The Beatles – iconic rock-band that made enormous contribution to the development of rock music. Perhaps, each of us including those, who even don’t listen to their songs heard about John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. Their appearance, manner of behavior and beliefs significantly influenced cultural and social of the 1960s. Every Beatles fan dreams to come to the place where it all began at least once in his life and find the houses where John Lennon and Paul McCartney lived in childhood, see the school, where John Lennon created The Quarrymen, spend the evening in the clubs, where The Beatles played their first gigs.
liverpool-BeatlesIf you consider yourself a big Beatles fan, then here what you should do:
…have a stroll on Penny Lane
Even people who have never been to Liverpool know Penny Lane as the street where nice odd fellows lived “beneath the blue suburban skies”.  Penny Lane was described in the song of the same name by Paul McCartney. The point is that McCartney and Lennon lived not far from this street and used to meet at the local bus stop.
Fans of the “Fab Four” who are on holiday in Liverpool just have to visit Penny Lane and come to a complete delight from the fact that there really are a hairdresser and a fire station. By the way, some particularly devoted fans repeatedly stole pointer to the Penny Lane.

…see the gates of Starwberry Fields
liverpool-Starwberry-FieldsIt makes sense to visit the gates of Starwberry Fields only to those who purposefully explores places associated with The Beatles and knows almost everything about their work. Others won’t see anything interesting here, just the red gates.

Starwberry Fields was the name of Salvation Army orphanage located near the house, where John Lennon grew up. It is believed that Lennon is his childhood used to wade through the big red gates and walked in the park on the orphanage territory. Later he writes a song called Strawberry Fields Forever that is considered on the best records of the Beatles.

…became a part of The Beatles story
In the Beatles Story Museum dedicated to the life and work of the Fabulous four, all visitors can learn how it all began, continued and sadly ended. Here are numerous pictures and videos from concerts and tours, concert costumes and musical instruments of the band. Each of the museum’s room is dedicated to one of the periods of the history of The Beatles and its participants.

…spend a nice time on the International Beatleweek Festival
International Beatleweek Festival was founded in 1981 after the death of John Lennon. Since that time, it has been held annually in Liverpool. The festival attracts a large number of musical celebrities, which you can easily meet at the streets and get an autograph or even take a picture with them. Besides live performances, you’ll also enjoy various, exhibitions and auctions, where you can buy some unique things related to The Beatles. This year, the International Beatleweek Festival is held from August 26th till September 1st.
Other things you might like to do in Liverpool
Liverpool is very versatile city and all its visitors always open something new for themselves.
All lovers of soccer know Liverpool first of all thanks to football club of the same name. In fact, there are two football clubs in the city – Liverpool and Everton. Each of the clubs has its own home station and if you’re a big football fan, you can either to visit the famous arenas with a guided tour or to enjoy one of the matches.

Liverpool will be interesting even for kids. Little travellers will be delighted to visit Spaceport, which is a high-tech planetarium, explore German submarine from World War II and take a ferry trip across the river Mersey.
Vivid nightlife and many entertainment opportunities, countless sports and cultural events – all that is waiting for you in Liverpool, the city of contrasts! Planning to visit surrounding little towns or to visit Manchester? Then think about renting a car! Use online booking car rental services to enjoy wide range of the cars, profitable rental conditions and affordable prices.



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