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Best destinations for families (part 4)

Best destinations for families (part 4)

We’ve been looking at a bunch of destinations for families in the past few days, and today we’ll be ending our look into destinations with two more incredible destinations.

best-destinations-for-families Australia

While it may take one, or a couple of long flights, visiting Australia will be an amazing experience, regardless of what you want to visit, or which part you want to visit. Children especially will be fascinated by the koalas and kangaroos and all the weird and wonderful species unique to this continent. If you child shows any interest in nature, fauna and flora, then seeing the habitats and the actual creatures will make for a trip that they’ll remember for the rest of their life.

Australia has a wonderful coastline, mountains and let’s not forget, a desert as well. one way to explore many parts of the country is to go the car rental route, or rent a campervan.

Cairo – Egypt

A visit to Cairo, known by some as ‘the mother of the world’, will offer a citywide wave of Egyptian culture that will wash over you and leave you sweating under the blistering sun.

Any visit to the capital of Egypt has to include a trip to the Egyptian Museum, where both you and your children will be awed by the ancient treasures of the Pharaos, and the little ones will most likely be fascinated by the mummy room – however if they’re too young they might be frightened, you’ll  be the best to judge whether or not to take them there.

Then you can spend a bunch of time exploring the souqs and sampling the variety of local street snacks fresh from vendor cars.

You’ll obviously have to go see the pyramids of Giza, there’s just no other choice when it comes to visiting Egypt, they are a sights that must be seen.



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