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Best destinations for families (part 3)

Best destinations for families (part 3)

There are still plenty of destinations for families for us to investigate, so let’s not dilly-dally and go on a bit more of an adventurous trip this time.

The United States of America

This is one trip that might take months to complete, if you want to get from one coast to another. One of the ways of doing this is to pick up a rental car from one coast and go towards the other one. Ideally you’ll start somewhere on the East Coast and go westwards, and take the many highways and byways and make your way to San Francisco maybe.

This is a great idea for a trip if you’re into camping, because you can keep the costs down and this will allow you to enjoy America’s national parks. Plan this cross-country camping trip very well ahead of time, but if you want to get it done, this will be a trip to tell your friends about for years to come.


Scotland is so much more than shaggy cattle, whiskey, misty highlands, kilts and rainy weather, and a summer stay in Scotland will make for an interesting family trip. We suggest the summer because it is the most forgiving of seasons in Scotland, and even during the summer you should expect random rain.

While it might sound tacky, you can start in Loch Ness, you should visit the mythical loch while you’re here and take a quick gander over its surface for the monster. From there you can go north to the Hebrides for ferry rides amid a variety of sea fauna like seals, puffins and dolphins, and then stroll a bit on some deserted beaches.

You can do head back south to Edinburgh to catch the famous summer Fringe festival, an event that caters to all ages.