Best destinations for families (part 2)

Best destinations for families (part 2)

Continuing our look at some of the best destinations for families, today we’ll be looking at a few destinations that you may not be exactly thinking of when thinking of places to go with the entire family.


You may not have heard of this place, but you may have heard of their neighbor, the United Arab Emirates. Oman is a great place for a bit of an unusual family getaway, featuring clear coastal waters, huge child-friendly resorts, and of course there are desert dunes and subtropical northern climes.

You can visit traditionally whitewashed seaside cities, and then head into the desert for a camel trek to then camp Bedouin-style. The region overall offers some great beaches as well and natural reserves. There are many things to see and do for both children and adults, Oman being a great Middle Eastern odyssey to look forward to.

Tokyo – Japan

This destination is a bit of a cheat, because it’s meant for children of all ages who have a penchant for high tech things, and there are fewer places more high tech than Tokyo, in fact there are none other massive urban sprawls with so much tech and neon anywhere.

But focusing on the children here, they’ll be thrilled by the availability for either Hello Kitty anything or Dragonball anything. Especially if your kids are into manga and anime, this will be paradise, their wildest dreams will pale in comparison to the real thing.

One particular attraction that is more general in nature is Tokyo Tower’s Special Observatory from which, you might actually see all the way to Mt. Fuji on a clear day.


As a parent looking for a bit of rest, you could do no better than taking a flight to Fiji, a destination filled with high end resorts that cater to everyone. For instance, you’ll find resorts where you’ll get a dedicated nanny per child on arrival, so that you can really relax during your trip, because your kids will be looked after and entertained. Fijians are generally very child-friendly people so you can rest assured that they’ll be well looked after.