Best beaches and small islands for your 2014 holiday (part 2)

Best beaches and small islands for your 2014 holiday (part 2)

We’re starting this week by continuing our look at some of the best beaches and small islands for your 2014 holiday, because it’s never to early to start planning, or at least thinking about starting planning.

Trinidad & Tobago

Some consider Trinidad to be the Carribean most exhilarating and least contrived destination. Characterized by birds, steel-pan bands, street food, rainformes and multuculture, the place is about living in paradise, not so much about lounging about it. There aren’t a lot of beaches to note of, there are actually a couple of nice beaches but the place is more virbant than laid back.

Then again, its sister-isle Tobago, is exactly for those who are looking for the more classical holiday of sea and sand, lots of sand. However it’s worth to mention that despite all of this the place is still relatively unknown by tourists and it’s a great place to see a lot of the nature and the people in their normal way of being.

Cook Islands

The 15-island archipelago that bears the name name of its exploring discoverer is quite a thing to see, featuring some of the South Pacific’s best sand-palm-sea paradises and the great thing is that it is quite accesible. Granted, that is much more of a relative term when you’re talking about a couple of specks of land in the immensity of the ocean but still, there are flights that will take you to the main island of Rarotonga.

The only problem with visiting the place is that you may not want to ever leave.

Papua New Guinea

A much better known destination on this list, but still not a truly popular one. The country is the size of California and it features in excess of 190 species of mammals, 650 species of birds, 160 types of frogs and no less than 820 different languages. These numbers make it by far one of the wildest and insanely-diverse single spots on the globe.

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