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Vast places to visit in 2014 (part 2)

Vast places to visit in 2014 (part 2)

Today we’re turning our gaze towards the vast places to visit in 2014 and we’ll look at some places that you may not think of.

York Minster – England

This might not be a wide open space but it is a huge one indeed. The walled city of York, 320km north of London, this is where you’ll find Europe’s greatest Gothic cathedral. The construction process started in 1220 and it took no less than 250 years to complete it, but it was worth the wait. Featuring a very detailed décor and spooky subterranean crypts, the cathedral’s enormous chiming 10-tonne bells can be heard for miles around. As opposed to many other destinations on our list, this is one vast place that is man made and deserves your attention.

Cave of Swallows – Mexico

Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula can be described – in general terms – like Swiss cheese, a land riddled with wholes and concealed caverns. This is where you’ll find the Cave of the Swallows, the second-biggest such cave in the peninsula and one of the most dramatic. It plunges four hundred meters down into the jungle and it is favored as a home by thousands of white-collared swifts.

Great Australian Bight – Australia

This is a seemingly endless ea wall made of cliff upon cliff upon cliff. The wall is sixty meters tall in some places and 120 meters tall in others, but what is so fascinating about it is that it goes on uninterrupted for more than a thousand kilometers. That’s why it’s on our list of vast places, and while you might expect it to be barren or empty, it isn’t, it’s mostly empty sure, but there is a surprinsing diversity of life that has evolved to handle the hostile conditions such as sea lions, leafy sea dragons and platoons of whales.