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The most beautiful castles in Portugal (Part 1)

The most beautiful castles in Portugal (Part 1)

In recent years, Portugal has gained more and more prominence as a tourist attraction for its lovely rocky seaside, warm and mild weather and for its cultural centers. The most beautiful castles in Portugal is what we are going to discuss today, because the eclectic architecture of the country provides a fascinating fresco of the passing of countless cultures and peoples.

The Iberians, the Moors and, more recently, the north-Europeans all left their mark and built beautiful edifices for us to remember their name. Here are a few of the most beautiful Portuguese castles and palaces:

A colorful, beautiful castle fit for a Disney princess, Pena National Palace is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the municipality of Sintra, constructions for Pena Palace started in 1838, when Portugal was under the rule of Ferdinand II and Queen Maria II. The king consort was a true romantic and his castle is one of the most illustrative examples of Romantic architecture.

A much older creation is the Castle of the Moors (Castelo dos Mouros), built in the 8th century by the Moors and conquered by the Crusaders in 1147. The Christian Portuguese rebuilt and renovated it. The devastating 1755 earthquake almost ruined it, but the same romantic king Ferdinand II started its restoration in 1840, which was continued by the Government in the 20th century.

One of the oldest castles in Portugal (if not the oldest, its origins fading in the mist of time) is the Castelo de Almourol. This enchanted mystical palace is said to be haunted by a pagan princess and its foundations are Roman and Celtic. In 1171, the Knights Templar proceeded to rebuild it. Set in a romantic landscape, the Castle of Almourol is surrounded by the Tagus River and measures 18 meters in height.

There are many other mysteries in Portugal, and the best thing is to rent a car and just drive throughout the entire country!