August festivals (part 1)

August festivals (part 1)

August is almost upon us and we’re going to take a look at some of the August festivals that you might want to consider visiting while on your holiday.

Edinburgh International Festival – Edinburgh, Scotland

During the last three weeks in August the capital of Scotland becomes the stage for the world’s largest arts festival. The official reason behind this tree-week frenzy, is the rather highbrow festival of classical music, opera, theatre and dance.

But most of the visitors don’t come here to enjoy the tones of the Carmina Burana, instead they’ll chck out the fringe festival, which is always more entertaining and amusing. This is when and where performers from around the world will sink their saving into tiny venues and flyer waiting for a visit from the all-mighty critics.

Besides all this crazy free entertainment there’s also a book festival, a film festival and a pretty fireworks finale involved with the overall festival so rest assured you won’t be lacking things to see or do while on your stay in Edinburgh.

august-festivalsLa Pourcailhade, The Pig Festival – Trie Sur Baise, Hautes-Pyrenees, France

Yes you read that right, this is not a festival for those on a fat-free diet, the smell of roast pork pervading the entire celebration.

Trie Sur Baise was once the country’s largest pig market however, the pig-farming industry has been in decline for many years and this festival is one of the events which boosts it up a bit. This is a festival from a different time and place somehow transplanted into the modern era, with a Piglet Race taking place and then a Black-Pudding-Eating-Competition, as well as the pig-squaling championships, it’s insanity. All of which deeply set in various pork-related dishes and smells.

Thankfully you can then walk, hike or bike off the pork in the surrounding mountainous Hautes-Pyrenees area, so you might not come back home that much heavier hopefully.

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