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Surfing the waves

Surfing the waves

When one thinks of surfing the waves one usually thinks of tropical islands, lots of sun, sand and heat; not many associate surfing with the UK, but you’d be surprised to how wrong of an approach that is.

With this factoid in your back-pocket we can start talking about the fact that Cornwall is becoming something of a surfing Mecca for beginners and intermediates thanks to the several good beach resorts that dot its rather huge stretch of coastline.

Cornwall isn’t just good for surfing the waves, it’s also good for diving into them with diving facilities on the coast being first class with several B.S.A.C. clubs ready to take in novices and not-so novices.

Some of the beach resorts that deserve mention are Perranporth, Bude and Newquay which also has great diving opportunities.

Now when it comes to the best times of the year to visit, we have to keep in mind that this is Britain that we’re talking about so focusing on the summer months would be ideal, however great surfing can be had all the time between the months of October to June, whilst diving will be best between July and October.

Newquay is a great destination for surfing dudes and dudettes seeing as how both Newquai Fistral and Watergate Bay – which is very close – hold surfing championships every year with participants from all over the world joining the contest.

Surfing the waves in the United Kingdom can be preferable for some visitors when compared to say, visiting a Phuket holiday rental villa – which is always a great idea if you can manage it, but if you’re planning a shorter flight time you’ll prefer to focus your sights on the British Isles for some great surfing opportunities.

Once there you’ll be glad to know that transportation options towards the major surfing destinations abound, whether it’s a semi-straight flight, or you rent a car, or take the train, you can get there relatively easy once you’re in the country.