August festivals (part 2)

August festivals (part 2)

On today’s look into August festivals, we’re going on a bit of a musical theme.

august-festivalsElvis Week – Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Are you a big fan of The King? Well then this one is one to put into the books because on the anniversary of the King of Rock’n’Roll’s death, a huge number of Elvis impersonators converge on Memphis to commemorate the music icon’s life and music.

Graceland hosts a bunch of events including an Elvis trivia treasure hunt as well as music and film nights, featuring the King’s gospel backing bands and screenings of classics like Viva Las vegas.

Memphis as a whole hosts a bunch of events including the 100-booth merchandise and memorabilia fair in Memphis Cook Convention Centre.

Lots of associates of the King flock to the city as well to talk to audiences about their experiences with the man, some of them setting up tribute concerts while others offering precious anecdotes.

International Bagpipe Festival – South Bohemia, Czech Republic

One would expect an International Bagpipe Festival to be held in Scotland – a place world-renown for bagpipes, kilts and haggis – but the festival that we’re talking about now takes place in the Czech Republic oddly enough.

This festival is held every two years and it celebrates the many forms of bagpipe blowing during its four-day runtime. One can get a sense of the massive variety that this actually entails at the stop-start opening procession, where the enthusiastic players will regularly pause for a toot thus taking hours to cover the 1km to the castle.

It’s interesting to note that many of the musicians play in styles that will make Scotland’s famous pipers to raise a surprised eyebrow, for instance in 2006 performances included a classical Austrian band with a singer as well as a Turkish ensemble accompanied by 25 high-speed traditional dancers, crazy stuff.

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