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A Traditional Christmas in Spain – Part 2

A Traditional Christmas in Spain – Part 2

A Traditional Christmas in Spain is what we are back talking about! As promised, we are going to explore a few more of the lovely traditions that make the country of troubadours and coridas.
Christmas anywhere on the Earth would not be really complete without a few elements, so how could they possibly miss from Spain?

1. The Christmas Tree is pretty universal, to be honest. It is a fir or pine tree decorated with mistletoe, globes and garlands. But a more specific traditional decoration comes up next:

2. The Nativity Scene is a small (or large) scale representation of the Birth of Baby Jesus. It usually comprises the Baby in the manger, Mary and Joseph, but additional characters can be added: puppets of the Three Wise Men and animals in the stable. These scenes are placed in people’s homes, as well as in town and in various institutions and malls. They are a lively and artful reminder of the Scene of the Birth of Jesus Christ and are meant to draw attention towards the real, religious meaning of Christmas.

3. Spanish children go caroling around Christmas. The tradition is called “pedir el aguinaldo” and basically means children go from door to door around the neighborhood singing carols and asking for sweets. Christmas artifacts include “panderetas” and “zambombas”.

4. On December 28th, Christmas celebrations are still going on, as people get together for the Día de los Santos Inocentes. The origins of the celebrations are quite sad and cruel: King Herod’s killing of the children around the Birth of Jesus to prevent the prophesier “new king” from taking his place. But today in Spain, this day is greeted with a happy air and people making jokes. It is a bit like April’s Fool in the middle of winter.

5. The Christmas Fair in Alicante is a famous way of welcoming the winter season shrouded in tradition. If you want to visit, be sure to take an Alicante airport transfer to take you there quickly and safely.