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A Traditional Christmas in Spain – Part 1

A Traditional Christmas in Spain – Part 1

For those of you who have decided to travel to a warm and beautiful place for the winter season this year, let’s see how the preparations are going for a traditional Christmas in Spain.
Spanish people are very keen on their traditions. They are known for being proud people with a strong identity.

Christmas is really one of the most colorful and wonderful time of the year in Spain, where traditions are passed on from generation to generation. Giving a festive and timeless atmosphere to the faces of cities and villages in the country.
But what are the actual customs and activities that make Christmas in Spain such a unique and personal experience? Let’s explore them together!

1. The Christmas Lottery is an event shown on national television. It has become a “modern tradition” so to speak. The first “Sorteo Nacional” was organized in 1812 and since then, Spanish people everywhere have been praying for good luck every year.

2. Christmas Eve is called “Nochebuena” in Spain. It is a lovely evening spent in family every December 24th. The dinner is set for the large family and the food is plentiful, usually including meat, fish, shrimp, bread, fruits and salads. Good cheer is also a mandatory and ever present ingredient.

3. In Mallorca, a special moment is the song of the Sibila (Canción de la Sibila). It is extremely somber and beautiful and it was actually declared a UNESCO Intangible Monument. The Sibila song is an ancient tradition that comes from Ancient Rome. It spoke of the Day of Reckoning. If you want to share such a religious experience there, you can travel there. Be sure to take a Mallorca airport transfer to transport you to the center town.

Spain is a wonderful place, one full of heart and boasting beautiful traditions. We will explore more soon!