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A secret Lisbon – Top unknown attractions – Part 1

A secret Lisbon – Top unknown attractions – Part 1

It is still summer and, in case you still have not planned a trip somewhere nice for the remaining months of warmth and sun, we cordially invite you to explore a secret Lisbon – Top unknown attractions in one of the oldest and most welcoming cities in Europe and in the world.

The light shines beautifully over the wonderful and endless Lisboa. And beyond the popular and excessively populated tourist attractions that each and every single traveler visits, there is a secret life of the city that only the “connoisseurs” and the locals might know of. Still, there are hidden attractions in the capital city of Portugal which we believe you might also be interested in exploring. Here’s a short list:

One of the coolest hidden spots in Lisbon is the smallest bookshop in the world. Careful, though, it is quite easy to miss, as it doesn’t exceed the size of a box of shoes. Still, it does harbor a lot of knowledge through its volumes of books. It is located on Madalena Steet, near the Castle Hill.

Street art is at the heart of many a city and Lisbon is particularly fascinating from this point of view.

The art spots on Bordalo Segundo Street will amaze you. There are a series of ingeniously crafted animals and insects, made of disposable materials. There is a political message in there as well: our actions impact the environment and affect the speechless creatures around us.

Alfama is the spot where you can really, truly witness the true Portuguese life. You will see small houses, some of them covered with azulejos ceramic tiles, clothes hanging from old balconies, winding streets and you can also witness something unique: the red sunrise over town.

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