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5 Simple reasons to visit Vienna

5 Simple reasons to visit Vienna

Every time I think of Austria (and indeed, whenever I visit the place), I think about class and style and history. I close my eyes and see the elegant locals on the streets today change into 19th century ladies and gentlemen dressed in their best attire, waltzing along the Ringstrasse Boulevard. But there are less fancy ways of experimenting the city. Here are 5 Simple reasons to visit Vienna:

1. Stephansdom, this majestic 14th century Gothic cathedral that towers over the city is also its symbol and pride. I always assimilate this imposing but beautiful proof of architectural genius with blue skies and a feel good mood.

2. The cafes in town, where you can sample the famous Viennese Coffee accompanied by some tasty cake.

3. Schonbrunn Castle is our next stop. The palace that saw the tumultuous love between Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria is not necessarily the most impressive palace, nor is it the most romantic; the maze-like gardens that surround it, however, are wonderful to get lost in – or to chase and steal a kiss from your loved one, like lords and ladies centuries ago used to.

4. The Vienna Zoo (or Schonbrunn Zoo) is regarded by some as the most beautiful in Europe. Harboring giant pandas, exotic birds, as well as gardens and Neptune Fountain, this is a perfect reason to smile in Vienna.

5. Finally, visiting the Vienna Philharmonic is a dream for most music lovers – and for those who love Vienna. True, you should make a reservation many months in advance, but you can enjoy the outstanding Christmas Concert in the exquisitely lavish confines of the 1870 Neo-classical gem.

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