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A culinary Christmas – Part 3

A culinary Christmas – Part 3

What makes for perfection in a culinary Christmas event? I say the most important thing is love and the joy to be together; but it is equally important to have some great food for our tummies. So today we continue our tasty travels in search of the perfect Christmas (and New Year) menu!

Christmas is celebrated equally in Europe and outside of it, in the Americas and even in more exotic places, like Asian countries.

In India, for instance, part of the traditions and foods are British in style. Kheer is a traditional dish here during Christmas. It is a dish made of boiled rice with milk, saffron and sugar garnished with almonds, nuts and pistachios or barley. It has an oriental flair, but also preserves the western tradition. Roast chicken as well as stews prepared with mutton, fish and chicken are also very popular. For sweets, Indians prefer fresh fruit and nuts, but also cupcakes.

Maltese people are a very cool mixture: Mediterranean to the core, European, British, but also something else, their island perched at the crossroads between the western culture and the oriental one. Malta, though warm, is a beautiful place to spend the winter season and Christmas. One of the most popular things you will find here, much like in Italy, are Panettone in all shapes and sizes, sweet and tasty. It is clear that the Maltese are experts in sweets, because they love having fruits for the Christmas table, as well as Christmas log – which, much to everyone’s surprise, is not in fact a piece of wood, but a block of chocolate.

It is worth visiting the entire island for the season and the best way to do this is either independently, with a Malta car hire available for you to drive around the region, or with a pre booked Malta transfer that can take you to the airport, to the surrounding islands or on tour.



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