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A culinary Christmas – Part 2

A culinary Christmas – Part 2

A culinary Christmas continues today with some new great ideas for traveling and eating… or traveling in search of the perfect traditional and culinary experience.

If there is a place in this world where you should be if you want to enjoy the zest for life and great food, to be beside enthusiastic people and gaze upon the most beautiful sites in history, this should be Italy. A great fan of Italy myself, I heartily encourage you to go visit this beautiful country along with all that it has to offer.

Italy has created some of the most humane emblematic dishes (pizza and pasta), but they have also made innovations when it comes to the Christmas dinner and the menu here. You must know Panettone, a baked cake, like sweet bread, was invented by the Italians. In case you were curious to know, this particular dish comes from Milan. Milan in Piemont is a beautiful city of fashion, industry and culture and the Christmas fair is also not to be ignored, so you can rent a car in Milan if you want to visit and enjoy the atmosphere of a truly remarkable place.

Next comes some substantial food to eat, and the choice of main dish comes all the way from Emilia Romagna: Tortellini in Brodo. Basically, these are tortellini made at home pasta in a warm broth. The filling of the pasta is meat-based; add some spices and flavors and you will have an irresistible choice of dish.

Duck a l’orange might sound French – and it is also served in France, indeed – but it counts as one of the most popular Italian Christmas dishes. This is a substantial course to be enjoyed on Christmas Day by the entire family. And we all know that Italy is all about the family!



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