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The best destinations for spring 2018 – Portugal

The best destinations for spring 2018 – Portugal

The sun is shining happily once more and we are all happy to be welcoming the coming of the light season once more; so here are just a few of the endless list of the best destinations for spring 2018 – Portugal is today’s pick.

While the first timid days of spring might still be a tad too chilly throughout most of Europe, there are also warm and happy spots in the world where the sun and warmth are quicker to settle in and bring joy to our lives. And mind you, we can visit Europe and spend a few wonderful, blissfully warm days right this spring.

One of the best suggestions and an all time favorite destination from my point of view is Portugal. This warm country in southern Europe enjoys more than 300 days of summer every year, so you have very low chances of failing when planning your spring trip here, statistically speaking and if we are to believe a word of what people who are already in love with this city say.

The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, is a wonderful eclectic mix of culture and normality, there is an ultimate and absolute sense of… home there. You can be whoever you want, walk the narrow and winding cobblestone streets that climb and descend over the hills of the city and feel that you are where you belong.

Transport is accessible in Lisbon – you can choose public transport, rent a car in Lisbon or go for a private airport transfer from Lisbon airport. This way, you can also take a ride by the ocean shore or see all the museums in town.

A short ride away from the capital city, you can go to Estoril or Cascais, by the sea. There, you can lie in the sun, on the warm and white sand and then you are free to explore some of the most chic and lovely towns in the country.



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