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7 Fairytale places to take your loved one this Christmas

7 Fairytale places to take your loved one this Christmas

Every girl wants to be the princess protagonist of a story of her own – even the ones who will vehemently deny it. So for today, I was thinking we would embark on a journey through 7 Fairytale places to take your loved one this Christmas.

7. Vienna is a beautiful place to be and a city that, despite its administrative purposes, doesn’t feel like a dusty capital city. Vienna is the place you can visit Schonbrunn, the place where the legendary Empress Sissi lived her romance with Emperor Franz Joseph. You can also take your loved one by the hand and enjoy cotton candy while walking around the Prater Park. And let’s not forget the prospect of a delicious Viennese coffee late in the evening, before returning home.

6. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and – this is something few people think about – lies at the heart of a frozen island. It used to be a Viking fishing village, but let’s face it: it has come a very long way since there. Amazing medieval architecture entwines with majestic ultra-modern structures and the air of the fjords breathes nearby. The name of Copenhagen is linked to personalities such as Soren Kierkegaard, Hans Christian Andersen and Niels Bohr.

5. Andorra is a city-state nested between two of the greatest countries in Europe: France and Spain. The Principality of Andorra is a fiscal haven and a natural heaven on earth, bisected by the mighty Pyrenees and endowed with breathtaking landscapes and medieval constructions to admire. Although the city is small, there are plenty of things to see on a mini-vacation there and the most accessible way to explore it all is by car.

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