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7 Fairytale places to take your loved one this Christmas – Part 2

7 Fairytale places to take your loved one this Christmas – Part 2

We only got to discuss three of the 7 Fairytale places to take your loved one this Christmas last time, but now we are back with Part 2, ready to see the remaining four outstandingly romantic places to spend a white winter with your better half.
So here we go:
4. Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and in Europe, a herald of high culture. The Renaissance was born here and it still preserves that wonderfully elevated and perfect style in its architecture, in its Palazzo Pitti, in its monuments and fountains. And to see the sun rise over the Arno river from the Ponte Vecchio hand in hand with your better half is… love. You can drive back later in your Florence airport car hire. The choice is yours.

3. Do you want a corner of France outside of Europe? Quebec will truly introduce you to a winter wonderland, so if you are not afraid of the cold and the snow, this is the place for the two of you.

2. How could Paris possibly miss from this list? A picture by the Eiffel Tower, a cultural visit to the Louvre and the Orsay Gallery, a walk through the gardens of the lavish Versailles, the sheer pleasure of tasting the caressing aroma of coffee in a bohemian bistro, these are all scraps of a timeless Paris you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

1. There is a lovely small town somewhere in Portugal, not too far from Lisbon (you can get there in no time with Lisbon airport transfers), where you will truly feel like in a fairytale. Nested in the comforting confines of the mountains, Sintra boasts with several of the most beautiful castles in Europe. The Moorish Castle, the Sintra Castle, but above all the amazing fairytale Pena Palace make it the ultimate romantic destination.