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What are the best events in Madeira in December 2016?

What are the best events in Madeira in December 2016?

Have you started feeling it lately, the child in you make your heart flutter and frolic more at the thought of Christmas? Well, the month of presents knocking at the door begs a question: What are the best events in Madeira in December 2016?
I have always loved Christmas and winter. I guess it’s the part of me that refuses to grow up. But the colors and traditions of winter are a bright moment I wish I could relieve over and over again. And it’s a comfort to know you can actually repeat these traditions and customs over and over again.

Madeira is a lovely place to visit during winter, though you might imagine the opposite from an exotic destination. As most Portuguese, Madeirans are Catholics and so December with Christmas-time is an emotionally and religiously charged period. People prepare for the season and so does the municipality.

On December 8th 2016, lights will go on throughout the city, turning it into a fairytale-like town. These electric eyes will remain lit throughout the season, until January 9th 2017.
As the month advances, the celebrations start to take more and more life. Traditional feasts and church masses begin around December 16th and last until Christmas Eve.

The Market Night Party takes place on December 23rd and is a unique night when the renowned Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal gets filled with light and music, the sound of carols rising up to the skies and joyful merry people crowding the street.

Then on December 25th, Christmas is here with Mass and all the beautiful traditions that brighten the season.

And one week later we prepare to wave goodbye to another year in Funchal with another unforgettable fireworks display. You will, however, need to book your Funchal airport transfers well in advance for that period.